End Of The Roll brings together a collection of discarded photos in an attempt to get insight into throwaway moments. In the age of analogue, getting photos developed would be an event, causing people to use up the last of their film roll on benign subjects in anticipation to get holiday snaps back. 
With neon signs being on trend, I was not shocked to see one outside the bathrooms in a busy London bar. ‘Selfie’. I wondered how many times people had stood in front of the sign, pouting, staring at the front-facing cameras on their smartphones. I then wondered if anyone had taken a photo of it in analogue, in a medium whereby the only way you could take a ‘selfie’ was in the mirror, or with a self-timer and pre-focussed lens hoping you’d got the exposure and focus just right once you were in the frame. I was shooting on expired film (far less sensitive to light than it was originally sold) in a dark venue so I thought that there was very little chance I could hold the camera steady enough to get a clear shot of the sign. ‘Ach, it’s the last shot; no harm in trying’ I thought. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. Once developed and scanned, looking at the image made me remember the importance of loving the true version of you, not the version of you that which you perceive others to love (like the pouting lips and forced smiles captured countless times in front of the sign); only then can you be happy. 
London, October 2018 
Scanned 35mm expired film
‘Love and goodbyes’
I moved to the UK from Australia when I was 24. 6 years later, for my 30th birthday, my brother and his partner finally came to visit. After two weeks of showing them around the country that has stolen my heart, the trip had come to an end. And so had my film. As we walked to Manchester Piccadilly on their final day in the UK, bound for Manchester Airport, I hung back. I was walking slower than normal, hoping to delay the inevitable. With the end of the film imminent, I tried to capture this otherwise trivial moment of my brother and his newly-engaged fiancé (he proposed whilst visiting the UK, having me carry the ring around in my pocket for the best part of 2 weeks as he waited for the ‘perfect time’ to pop the question) walking hand in hand. Looking at it now, I am so grateful to have this reminder of emotion I felt that day - I’m not the best at ‘goodbyes’ (and nor is my brother). 
Manchester, October 2018
Scanned 35mm expired film
Taken of the alleys behind retail and hospitality shopfronts in Glasgow, this image depicts the necessities and realities of living in a western world; some we take for granted (refuse collection, crowd control, parking, air conditioning, light, road markings, safety, and manholes covering the underground infrastructure that provides gas, water and electricity to businesses and people) and some we could do without (litter, waste). Parallels can be drawn between these back-alleys and those that hide the less ‘perfect’ and unconscious elements of the shopfronts of our personalities. Out of sight, out of mind. 
Glasgow, July 2018
Scanned 35mm monochromatic negative
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